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Do you want more out of life? 

At some point, everyone experiences confusion in their lives. We are all faced with situations we don't know how to handle; it could be dealing with the loss of a friend of relative, going through a divorce, losing your job, or any number of other situations.  No matter what you may be facing, you aren't alone.  If you live in the Arlington, VA area, Thriveworks Arlington Counselors can help you find answers to your questions and make positive changes in your life.

At this time, Thriveworks counselors are not physically located in Arlington, VA. However, Online Counseling, Telephone Counseling or Online Coaching is available. Click here:  Online Counseling.

Our caring, qualified professionals have expertise in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

  Depression Counseling
  Anxiety Counseling
  Addiction Counseling
  Marriage Counseling
             Career counseling
             Relationship Therapy
Thrive Arlington Counselors know you may have been carrying your burdens for years.  We want you to know you don't have to do this by yourself.  Let us help you lay your burdens down and create a new life for yourself.

This is not the first time you have heard about counseling. So how does Thrive Arlington Counseling set itself apart and make it reliably unique?

Time and again, Thrive Counselors have unceasingly extended support to persons, partners, groups, and families in different parts of Cambridge and Arlington. Even those surrounding the country reach for the telephone or get connected online for counseling.

You are assured that I and the rest of the Thrive Arlington psychotherapists give the high regard meant for all human beings. We look at the person and not the label of the disorder or the identification of symptoms. This is because you are much more than a description of any illness.

Our goal is to assist clients on their way towards a more productive, more gratifying, and a more flourishing life (our clientele make up well-adjusted and self-actualized professionals). Consequently, we view the therapeutic process as both an ART and a SCIENCE.

We rely on Thrive Arlington Counseling philosophy to inspire our ways:
  • Clients who face Depression don’t just get healed from the agony but get engulfed in real joy.
  • Clients weighed down by Anxiety don’t just get reassured but wallow in liberation and serenity.
  • Clients experiencing Relationship problems become adept at maintaining significant relationships.
  • Clients who harbor Guilt and Shame get released from the bondage and savor forgiveness.
  • Clients caught up in Addictions find more fulfillment and relish in self-actualization.

Most importantly, Thrive Arlington Therapy houses only the finest and the most credible counseling and psychotherapy experts. The Specialists:

  • Are active practitioners in the counseling sphere and conduct talks to other helping professionals
  • Are certified authors for CCT Magazine which reaches 50,000 readers and for the prominent Journal of Mental Health Counseling
  • Have complementary qualifications and fields of expertise
  • Continuously endeavor to develop to the fullest of their potentials

Through Thrive Arlington Psychotherapy, our pool of clients experience and value the “resilient therapeutic relationship that develops between the counselor and client.”

Dependably, Thrive Arlington Counselors activate an approach to counseling that is “person-centered”. We believe that YOU, the client, are a dignified individual – capable of self-direction and that you deserve that unconditional positive regard.

Thrive Arlington Counselors then are directed towards emphasizing client’s personal abilities so that these strong points empower you to pursue that state of fulfillment you so desire.

Banking on their expertise and clinical exposure, Thrive Arlington Counselors work together with clients in realizing:
  • How their thinking patterns affect the way they feel,
  • How their feelings shape their actions
  • How their actions influence their surroundings
  • And how the external environment cyclically changes the way they think.

Lastly, a Thrive Arlington Therapist takes clients to a trip to the past so that they can clearly see how it has affected present dispositions, aspirations, relational bonds, and overall contentment in life.

You don’t have to lie on the couch (though we have relaxing sofas). You may opt to sit like most clients do. Gone too are the typical assertions that the upbringing made by parents (mothers in particular) is responsible for current predicament. Alternatives to expressions like “how did that make you feel?” are used more often.

We focus on giving personalized attention and distinct service and not to designations or professional standings among colleagues.

Thrive Arlington Counseling is all about a genuine, trustworthy, empowering, strong, and soul-reaching therapeutic encounter.

Call us today to set up your first appointment.

We passionately believe that you need to receive help today, not weeks or months from now as many other practices require.  Call us today at (202)478-9619 and see one of our counselors this week, possibly even the same day you call.  If we do not answer, we may be assisting other clients.  Leave us a message with your contact information, and we will return your call the same day, possibly within the hour.

Hopefully, you will take the second step towards healing and a better life.

If there is anything I want, it is for you to get the concern, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that you have been searching for. Now is the perfect time to start.

Let’s get started today.

and the Thrive Arlington Counseling Team

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