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My name is Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder and Therapist for Thrive Arlington Career Counseling, and I just want you to know that -- no matter what has happened in your career, no matter how troubled, angry or frustrated you feel about work, and no matter how hopeless things may seem – you can still find work that gives meaning to you and gives you the money you need to live the life you want.

Career roadblocks are many and diverse: you may have lost your job, feel you have been unjustly demoted, or you simply want more than what you’re doing right now. We at Thrive Arlington just want you to know that you are not all alone when it comes to overcoming these career hurdles, and that help is just a simple phone call away.

Career counseling and career coaching helps put you back on track when it comes to your job, and we have helped hundreds of people launch into careers that is not just monetarily rewarding, but also personally satisfying and fulfilling. We can teach you how to:
  • Identify and make full use of your interests and skills
  • Match your values and personality to a career path
  • Explore lucrative and rewarding job opportunities
  • Prepare you to get the job you want
  • Reach on your career goals.

Sometimes, people don’t believe they can get the career they want to because of problems with self-esteem:

Self-image, Self-esteem, or Self-worth

Self-esteem refers to the way you view yourself and how much you value yourself. High self-esteem allows you to tackle life’s problems and personal criticisms with greater resiliency and fortitude. Just keep in mind that a high self-esteem doesn’t necessarily mean being brash, arrogant and displaying an overblown ego. That’s a totally different problem.

However, it’s low self-esteem that presents the most problems:

  • Hating oneself
  • Feelings of incompetence
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Refusing to trust others
  • Distancing the self from others
  • Believing that one doesn’t deserve love and support
  • Believing that one isn’t special and unique

Other people may pitch in and try to convince you that you’re useless, incompetent and better off dead than alive, and are often the cause of why poor self esteem is developed. Constant and prolonged negative feedback causes deep and painful emotional wounds, and definitely has a negative effect on self esteem.

Some people let the effects of low self-esteem slowly erode their confidence and abilities. And they end up actually believe that they’re useless, hopeless and worthless, when in fact they’re not.

No one is useless, hopeless and worthless. Everyone has the potential to become what they want to become. And in order for you to realize and actualize this, you first have to reach out and take it.

"I want career counseling help. Where do I turn?"

This is where we at Thrive Arlington come in.

First off, congratulations! The mere fact that you’re reading this message means you have taken the first step to finding the answer to your questions; to solving your problems. You are this close to making new and vital changes in your career life, even if took you weeks, months, even years for you to find it.

I, Dr. Anthony Centore, or one of the other excellent Thrive Arlington Counselors, will walk with you from this point on. You will not struggle with your career problems alone. We will help you attain the dreams and fulfillment you so rightly deserve.

How is Thrive Arlington Career Counseling Dramatically Different than the rest?

Here at Thrive, we are focused on your welfare and wellbeing. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with only the best counseling services staffed by the most competent counselors.

We recognize that only qualified and competent counselors will be able to live up to our professional standards. Our counselors:

  • Are at par with mental health professionals nationwide
  • Regularly contribute to the counseling profession by having their works published in CCT Magazine (a counseling magazine read by 50,000 subscribers), and the prestigious Journal of Mental Health Counseling
  • Have numerous achievements, certifications and specializations
  • Are driven for excellence by constantly updating and refining their skills and expertise in counseling

It is this focus on our client’s welfare and well being that pushes us to give our all from the first time you make a phone call to our office 
(202)478-9619, to the first step you take in our office atop a beautiful building on Cambridge.

We at Thrive Arlington treat our clients with the utmost care and respect. At Thrive, we see our clients as persons, not disorders. We do not see you as a simple list of symptoms, diagnoses and problems. You are a person who wants more out of life, and we recognize and respect that.

To facilitate better, more engaging lives, we look at the way we practice our profession of counseling as both an ART and a SCIENCE that helps people attain the same satisfaction and fulfillment as that our high-achieving and widely respected clients receive.

No Waiting Lists: Your First Counseling Appointment is Today

I, and the Thrive Arlington counselors who work with me, offer our clients something that most other career counselors, life coaches, career coaches, or anyone else in the mental health counseling field can or will offer.

And that is our attention to time.

Time is of the essence. You deserve help, even need it, now. Not a year later, not a month later, not even a week later. If you call us today to schedule your first session, you can get your first therapy appointment with our professional career counselors in just one week. We can also manage to get our clients on the same day that they call, so your precious time won’t be wasted on long waiting lists.

This standard of management is unprecedented for a counseling practice anywhere in Arlington, and we are proud of our professional standards of punctuality and properly managed scheduling: all to provide you with the best counseling services that your career deserves. We know that you’re important, and we’re willing to move our personal schedules for the sake of your career development.

The way I see it is this: You worked up the motivation and courage to begin career counseling; the least I can do is help you receive your first career counseling session right away.

Schedule your first appointment today!

Call us today at (202)478-9619.  If we are unavailable, do not feel as if we are rejecting you: leave us a message and we will call you back the very same day that you called us – often within the hour.

In case you missed it, our number is (202)478-9619.

Don’t wait for your career to hit rock-bottom. If you need help, or just want to find and live with a better career path for yourself, let's begin right now.  Call us today.

Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Arlington Counseling Team


Just in case you missed it, a skilled Thrive Arlington career counselor, not a secretary, will answer the phone and talk with you right now. If we are helping another client when you call, just leave your contact number and we’ll be calling you within the day – often within the hour. And if you decide to take the first step to a brighter career, we at Thrive Arlington will be able to schedule an appointment for you this very week.

You can get a better life for yourself: finding the career for you that not only provides for your needs, but also gives you a sense of meaning and fulfillment. This is our task at Thrive Arlington.

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