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Is your marriage in crisis? Or do you just want to protect a healthy marriage?

Our experts can help.

My name is Dr. Anthony Centore. I’m the founder of Thrive Arlington Psychotherapy. In this article, I’m going to explain how you can save a marriage that’s about to self-destruct. If your marriage is still stable and secure, I’m going to explain how you can protect it from the problems that plague most relationships.

The most important thing you should know about your marriage is this:

No matter how desperate things are and no matter what has happened in the past, you can start rebuilding your marriage today.

Does that seem impossible to you right now? After all, 50% of marriages today end in divorce, and that’s only counting the legal divorces. An even higher number of marriages are in a state of emotional separation, which is also known as emotional divorce. It’s a term used to describe those marriages in which love has been replaced with a sense of isolation, resentment or outright hate.

But the real tragedy is that so many married people suffer for years without asking for help, even though that help is just an email or phone call away.

"I'm not sure we need marriage counseling or therapy.”

We hear this often from persons who call us looking for more information. If you and your spouse have never experiences marriage counseling before, you might not be sure if counseling can help, or whether you and your spouse are "at the point" where you need it. We truly believe that even healthy couples can benefit from marriage counseling. Also, consider the following thoughts.

  • Do you actually want to wait for your marriage to deteriorate before you seek help?
  • Don’t you want to know how to solve marriage issues before they become serious problems?
  • Don’t you want to learn how to build a richer, more satisfying relationship with your partner without having to go through a crisis?

You see, marriage counseling is not just for people in troubled relationships. It is also people who want to protect and enrich their already healthy marriages.

This is where Thrive Arlington Marriage Counseling steps in.

Why do so many married couples trust Thrive Arlington?

Over 50% of all Thrive Arlington clients are couples who want to either save or improve their marriages. Here are the reasons why they come to us:
  • We get concrete and lasting results
This is the #1 complaint we hear from new clients: "My last counselor listened to me, but he/she didn't really have anything useful to say."

In other words, their time and money were wasted with those previous therapists who didn’t help them achieve anything substantial. Those counselors might have had good intentions, but good intentions just aren’t enough to save a marriage.

Therapy requires a client to invest a lot of time, money and effort. We at Thrive Arlington know how difficult that can be, especially in this tough economic climate. It is why we do our best to give our clients significant returns on their investments. Here are some of the things we can help you and your spouse accomplish:
    • Break bad habits once and for all
    • Defuse heated arguments
    • Communicate more frequently and more intimately
    • Overcome infidelity, resentment and anger issues
  • We put you first

We will never put you on a waiting list because waiting lists simply don’t exist at Thrive Arlington. You can schedule your first appointment with us within the week and sometimes even the very next day. Call (202)478-9619 for more information.
  • We view counseling as both an art and a science

Our unique approach to therapy combines hard science and the personal touch. This means all of our marriage counselors base their therapy methods on proven research. At the same time, they cultivate a genuinely caring attitude towards our clients.
  • We only hire the best marriage counselors

There is a certain famous saying about doctors that goes something like this:

“Half of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class, so not all ‘doctors’ are particularly good at what they do—
as you would expect in any profession.”

This is an unfortunate reality that you cannot afford to ignore when you are looking for a good therapist, especially when something as important as your marriage is at stake.

However, you never need to worry about the quality of the therapists at Thrive Arlington. Our therapists specialize in marriage counseling. Each of them has several years of experience in marriage counseling. In addition, they have doctoral level (Ph.D) degrees in mental health and have published several articles in national publications, including the Journal of Mental Health Counseling and CCT Magazine.

No waiting lists:

Schedule your first marriage therapy appointment

Most counseling practices place new clients on waiting lists. That often means you would have to wait weeks or even months for your first therapy session. Many people think a very long waiting list is a mark of a good therapist, when in fact it only is a mark of a poorly managed counseling practice.

At Thrive Arlington, we will never put you on a waiting list—something no other therapy center in Arlington can offer.

Call us at 
(202)478-9619 today so we can schedule your first therapy appointment this week. We can often schedule your appointment the day after you call. Why would we do this? There are two reasons:

  1. Your time is valuable to us. We understand how frustrating it can be to ask for help, only to be put on a waiting list that is weeks or months long.
  2. You’ve already worked up the motivation to begin therapy. The least we can do is help you book that first therapy session as soon as possible.

Call us today at (202)478-9619 to make your first appointment.

If we are unavailable at the time of your call because, for example, we are entertaining another client, simply leave us your contact information. We will return your call on the same day—often within the same hour. You don’t have to be trapped in a loveless marriage. You shouldn’t wait for your marriage to deteriorate, either. One phone call is all you need to renew the love and happiness you once experienced in your marriage.

Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Arlington Marriage Counseling Team